Antique Church Pews

Church weddings are an absolute classic and what else speaks movie-like romance as walking down the aisle by rows of family and friends? Almost nothing comes close! But hey picture perfect aisles don't have to make a church wedding mandatory. In fact you can get the look anywhere, even outdoors.

Church pews are an excellent option for those who want to walk down those rows at the ceremony but can't consider a church wedding due to religious reasons or simply personal preference. The plus side is that church weddings are inexpensive, but then you can't customise your ceremony or add decor items, the booking can be inflexible and you can't choose what is being said by the priest at your wedding like you can with a civil wedding. And lighting might be an issue for those who prefer film photography. Most importantly if you don't belong to a particular religion or come from different religious backgrounds it may be difficult to get married in a church.

However, church pews have become such an iconic item in pop culture that a lot of brides would want to combine the elements of a church wedding with a civil wedding which can happen in a hotel, a castle or even outdoors! We have 6 original antique church pews made out of solid pine, which were given away for a church. We restored them to a neutral limewash colour, which works well with other decor items (like classic Chiavari chairs) and can be decorated beautifully with florals. Each pew sits 10 people comfortably and is a unique, gorgeous and practical solution for that civil wedding with a church feel!