Wedding Cardboxes

So you are getting married and you know your friends and family will bring cards to wish you happiness in your life together. Where to put them? More importantly, where to put them so they look pretty and stay safe? We got you covered.

There are numerous options avaliable today - traditional cast iron postboxes, vintage letterboxes, handcrafted card holders and many others. You can also get away with transforming a decor item into a card holder - for example a vintage suitcase, a birdcage or a crate.

However, if you want to keep your cards extra safe (especially if your friends are bringing cash presents!) make sure there are certain security measures put in place to avoid disappointment! Our traditional Cast Iron Postboxes comes in white and gold and are heavy and lockable which makes them safe. Alternatively, our Lantern Letterbox is equipped with a slip chain hidden in the leg that can be fixed to a radiator or a table leg, as well as fixed top which isn't easy to open. It makes it perfect for wedding receptions that want to use a modern and light postcard without compromising safety.