Clear Ghost Chairs

Wedhead provides a range of Ghost chairs for wedding and event hire - from the classic Louis and Victoria chairs to more unexpected transparent pieces that are absolutely unique to the UK market (coming soon!). If you want your wedding to look elegant but modern at the same time, Ghost-style chairs are exactly what you are looking for. Here is why.

Ghost-style chairs are an iconic design created by Philippe Starck who came up with a curious twist on the classic royal Louis chair, making it look modern, slim and very lightweight. The same principle was then applied to the traditional Victoria chair design and the trend really caught on with the most established design power houses across the world. An ironic nod in the direction of Kings and Queens of the Versailles agreed with a lot of people and since 2002 took its rightful place in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. New designed got paired with new technology as the chair is made from flush one-piece plastic and is very solid, unlike its previous plastic predecessors, making it perfect for wedding and event hire. 

Transparency gives these chairs a special "barely-there" feel which is perfect if you want to draw attention to yourself, your venue and your decor. It is also brilliant for spaces full of character because of how neutrally elegant it looks - you don't need to worry about your furniture looking out of place and awkward whether your are hosting your guests in a gothic castle or in an industrial warehouse. There is also an architectural element to this chair that can make outdoor events or those in very simple environments look stylish.

The ghost chair wedding trend really started coming out in the UK last year and won the hearts of many brides. It is particularly praised for its very contemporary feel, ease of transportation and most importantly completely customisable design, which looks beautiful with matching props. For a winter wedding use fur throws, for summer weddings decorate with floral wreaths, for autumn chairs can be foiled with gold accents and for spring why not treat your guests to beautiful pastel chair sashes. Also, with Ghost Chairs at your wedding you can forget bulky chair tags and even place cards - why not personalise the chairs themselves? Write the names of your guests, add special touches or decorate the backs with your own wedding logo. The imagination really has no limits when it comes to incorporating Ghost Chairs into your day.

And if you are in love with transparent chairs but fancy a different style many new designs have become available over the recent years - the transparent Chiavari and Eames chairs, transparent armchairs and tables, transparent candelabras and pedestals - so you can really take the crystal theme to town with matching furniture and props.

Here is a little Ghost Chair inspiration by various photographers to inspire you:

If you are a fan of Ghost Chairs as much as we are here at Wedhead head over to our chairs and tables page and order them now at only £5 for Victoria and £6 for Louis Ghost-style chair, don't miss out on making your wedding day look truly special!