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Planning a wedding can be stressful. Once the reality settles in and it's time get on with all the necessary preparations you may find that everyone around you is terrified at the thought of all the searching, organising, budgeting and scheduling required. However, as a recently engaged couple you (or one of you) may find that you are... Let's face it, excited! And you should be.

Getting married is an extremely special and personal experience from beginning to an end - it must be about celebrating you. Are you excited to get to all of the bridal chores? Or are you terrified? Either way you have come to the right place.

There is no reason why organising a wedding should not be an enjoyable experience and we'd be happy to save you the hassle! We will make it easy for you to put your day together without taking the fun out of it. While we don't offer a full wedding planning service, we feel like we strike a golden balance by taking care of your event's theme, colour scheme, furniture, props, and flowers, leaving you to make all the crucial choices and completely in control.

But what if you are so excited you can't wait to go into the world of weddings and start getting your day on track? We are here for you too. You may be a very well-organised bride with excellent logistical skills and a great eye for detail, but who wants to track a chair delivery on their wedding day? We'll be at hand to offer you help and assistance when styling your day if you need us and what's more important we'll be there on your day - in tune and on top of it - ready to carry out your exact specifications. That way you can be sure that on the special morning you won't have anything to worry about but remembering your vows.

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so What does our styling service include? 

  • artisan luxury bridal giftbox as a little 'thank you' for choosing us
  • a special discount on all of our furniture and props ranges
  • a custom mood board with all the visual inspiration of your special day you will need
  • unlimited consultation hours whenever you feel like it's getting 'too much'
  • decor supplier management before the big day and set-up curation on the day
  • a hand drawn sketch of your ceremony or reception set-up in a frame as a keepsake after the wedding

We will start with an initial face-to-face planning meeting over a glass of champagne (or tea... or whiskey?) where you can tell us who you are as a couple, what you like and what inspires you, how you see your day and what budget you are working with. We will then arrange for a visit to your venue once the date and place are all set. We can make all the decisions here about how to make your dream wedding come to life - we'll talk furniture, decor, flowers and props! You will receive a custom moodboard and we can start putting the big plan into action! A few weeks before the wedding we'll touch base with everyone involved in the decor to help you get organised and on the day our crew will be on site from as early as needed until you are ready to say 'I do!' and then just like in fairytales we'll come back at midnight to manage your derig - for a complete peace of mind the morning after.

We love working with the couples involved in the planning of their day, but our styling service is also a perfect addition to working with an event coordinator or a planner.


Get in touch by filling out a contact form or by emailing on info@wedhead.co.uk