Wedding Bubbles DIY

I think DIY is not about starting from scratch (there is no shame in tweaking a couple things here and there and getting a great outcome), or about necessarily changing everything around at the level of difficulty you can pull off. DIY is about creativity - doing the most with what you have. 

This very simple project features Wedding Bubbles! Who doesn't think that bubbles just like confetti create a wonderful send-off image and look amazing in photographs! The problem is finding the bubbles that suit your team. For some time BHLDN featured a really cool set, but it was quite pricey and also all the way back in the USA!

But don't fret! Paperchase  was selling these simple white wedding bubbles. Now, they don't look BAD, but they are not GREAT either. You could just have them or you could look for a more expensive option, OR... you could DIY them!

All you need is a can of really good quality spray. Montana for example do a great job -  once I marked my patio cobblestone - the stain is still there months of rain since! These can scratch, so if you wanted to reuse you would need to re-spray or get something to protect the layer of colour like a sealant or top gloss. But one way or another, this is a great easy fix :)