Rustic Apple Crates

Rustic apple crates can serve as a tray, a holder, a display around the house or at styling events. We had a client order for a lot of crates and were simply unable to source a needed amount of them in consistent in quality and looks. So we decided to make them ourselves! It's easy - take a look and try yourself! These are very easy to make if you have the right tools at hand.

Numerous videos are available on how to make crates - with handles or without! Pick any and saw away. Now when you have your wood cut to size and put together, you want to artificially age it to that rustic look.

Pick your wood with a texture for the wood stain to grab onto - I bough a B&Q wood stain in Deep Oak. After all parts are stained, add a second colour (we went for white, but depending on the look you want to achieve go for anything else that fits your colour scheme). Water it down and rub onto the wood while the stain is not 100% dry. Enhance the texture with a screw driver or a very coarse sponge - that way you will create an uneven rustic effect.

Leave to dry and repeat for as many crates as needed!