Floral Make Up Mirror

This make-up mirror really is my baby! Since making it has been a boom on social media like Instagram, We Heart It and Tumbler, so if you fancy one just like this don't hesitate to either order it or attempt to make one yourself.

I have thought of it looking at multiple floral inspirations spring brings with it and one day, having come home I looked at an old sad make-up mirror, ordered some silk flowers (I must say I was lucky with these, some silk flowers are not inspirational in the least!) and got to it with the help of a glue gun! 

It is a very tedious process as every flower has to go in to fill all the little spots and it take quite some time to make a mirror like this. The frame was hand-sanded and painted rose gold to compliment the pinks in the flowers. Also, the greens - my finishing touch - are all real plants, as faux greens look very plastic and unnatural. 

It definitely is a decorative item, I am prepared to replace lost flowers and broken greens, given that the details are so fragile, but this is what gives it that chic delicate look! I love this prop and since making it ave gone on to make other flower decorated items like lampshades, chandeliers, picture frames and much more. Try this yourself and you'll definitely have fun!